Dunedin Terrace Modernization Fact Sheet

This publication offers facts about the modernization of Dunedin Terrace, one of the PHA's family sites.
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Affordable Housing Preservation and New Production at the PHA

We are pleased to share our publication on “Affordable Housing Preservation and New Production at the PHA” with you.  It provides at-a-glance summaries of the PHA’s core Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs; proposes preserving and producing more affordable housing through the PHA’s community partnerships; and presents some further “outside the box” ideas for preservation and new production.

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Rethink Your Drink

The St. Paul Public Housing Agency's City Wide Resident Council received a mini-grant from the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) to focus on community engagement at McDonough Homes.  Youth from McDonough Homes were recruited to serve as Youth Champions to educate their peers about the negative health impact of sugary beverages and promote drinking water instead.  The youth were trained in "Sugar Shock" and became active in training others.  Below are links to the short videos of “Rethink Your Drink” that starred PHA's McDonough youth.  These videos were made possible with the partnership of SHIP, Ramsey County Public Health, the PHA, and the City of St. Paul.

Rethink your drink on the court

Rethink your drink in the garden

Rethink your drink at home

Rethink your drink at the libary

Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) Annual Reports

St Paul Ramsey County Public Health works with a variety of partners, including PHA, to improve health in the community through the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP). 

St Paul Ramsey County Public Health 2017 SHIP Annual Report 
St Paul Ramsey County Public Health 2015-2016 SHIP Fact Sheet 
St Paul Ramsey County Public Health 2013-2015 SHIP Fact Sheet 
St Paul Ramsey County Public Health 2014 SHIP Summary

PHA SHIP Partners Annual Reports

PHA works with a variety of partners through SHIP to create a culture of health for PHA residents.  

Nice Ride Minnesota Annual Report 2015 
Nice Ride Minnesota Nice Ride Neighborhoods Report 
Cycles for Change Learn to Ride Report

ACOP 25 Year Anniversary Video

Photographs from ACOP's 25 years with St. Paul Public Housing Agency
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Make It Bloom: Community Gardens Video

The video highlights the "Make It Bloom" community gardens project between St. Paul Public Housing Agency, our residents and partners: Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa, Gardening Matters, Ramsey County Master Gardener Program of UMN-Extension, St. Paul-Ramsey County Public Health and The Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP), MDH.
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Partners Event Video

Resident Initiatives: Opening a Window to Opportunity

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2013 St. Paul PHA Resident Initiatives One Day On Earth Video Clips. Produced by Elizabeth Pacunas

Allina Shoes Giveaway 
Cleveland Hi-Rise
Exchange Hi-Rise

2013 Quitting Isn't Easy "Real Quitters" Interviews Video Clips

Real Quitters Interviews - Part 1
Real Quitters Interviews - Part 2

The Quitting isn't Easy "Real Quitters" interviews are sponsored by St. Paul Public Housing Agency with funding from St. Paul-Ramsey County Public Health Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) grant.

State Funding

This publication tracks how state funding money was used to preserve public housing assets.
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PHA History Video

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35th Anniversary Video

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Fact Sheet

This publication offers facts about the PHA's Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher and Capital Fund programs.
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McDonough Homes Fact Sheet

This publication offers facts about the modernization of McDonough Homes, one of the PHA's family sites.
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McDonough Homes 12-Plex Fact Sheet

This publication offers facts about the McDonough Homes 12-Plex.
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Resident Initiatives Fact Sheet

This publication offers facts about our Resident Initiatives Department and its work with partner programs.
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This publication offers facts about green initiatives in the Resident Initiatives Department.
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Housekeeping Training Video "Your Link to Better Living"

The St. Paul PHA's Housekeeping Standards are an important guide for residents and staff on how to maintain dwelling units in good condition. However, inexperience, cultural differences and language barriers sometimes make it difficult for residents to understand and comply with the Housekeeping Standards.

The PHA decided that videotape would be an effective and consistent method for instructing residents on the Housekeeping Standards required to maintain residency in PHA properties. PHA staff produced a twenty-minute video that demonstrates the best methods and materials for maintaining acceptable housekeeping standards. The PHA now uses this tool to provide housekeeping education and instruction to all residents who are new to the PHA and to all current residents who are having trouble maintaining proper housekeeping standards.

The video was written, produced and narrated by PHA staff. All scenes in the video were shot in PHA homes and apartments and on PHA property. The actors in the video are PHA employees, residents, friends and relatives. There are four versions of the video reflecting the four principal languages spoken by PHA residents: English, Spanish, Hmong and Somali.

The PHA is marketing this video to other housing agencies that seek a cost-effective method of educating residents about housekeeping standards and requirements. The video is available in DVD format. The DVD version includes all four languages with programmable scenes, giving quick access for reviewing specific areas of concern.

The video received an Agency Award for Innovation from the Minnesota Chapter of NAHRO and an Award of Merit from the National NAHRO.

For more information or to order a copy of the PHA's Housekeeping training video, contact Breonna Gant at (651)793-3864.

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