The FSS Program was designed by HUD to enable families to improve their educational and employment status and thereby achieve a greater measure of economic independence and self-sufficiency.

Program Size

The PHA currently has a HUD required minimum program size of 405 for Section 8 participants.


The program is voluntary and open to all current Section 8 participants.  

How Does the FSS Program Work?

Each family that commits to participate in FSS is given an opportunity to explore their individual job or educational goals with the help of the FSS Program Coordinator and a case manager. A Contract of Participation is executed that identifies the specific goals and approximate dates for completion of each related activity (must be completed within five years).

The FSS Coordinator and case manager review the goals with the participant on a regular basis to monitor their progress. To successfully complete the program, the family must achieve their goals and meet all HUD requirements for graduation.

Each participant in the FSS Program has an opportunity to establish an escrow account once they are employed. Typically, increases in rent due to earnings from employment will be escrowed. Upon successful completion of the FSS Program, the escrow account balance is available to the family.

FSS Graduates

Click here to view recent FSS graduates who were highlighted in our annual report.

Contact Information

For information about the Section 8 HCV FSS Program, contact Corina Serrano at (651) 292-6129.