The St. Paul PHA’s HCV Waiting List is currently closed.  The lottery from the June 2019 waiting list opening has been completed.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to check their status online at to see if they have been selected for the St. Paul PHA's HCV Waiting List.

Applicants who have been selected for the HCV Waiting List can submit changes to their applications via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Emergency Shelter

Families that are in need of emergency shelter can access the Ramsey County shelter system by calling United Way first call for help at 651-291-1111.

Families in Ramsey County who have no housing options and are seeking emergency overnight shelter should call Street Works Coordinated Entry at 651-291-0211 or 651-215-2262. The staff at Street Works Coordinated Entry will assess whether the family is eligible for emergency shelter or supportive housing in one of the project-based voucher programs and make a referral if possible. 

Single adults who are experiencing homelessness and are seeking emergency shelter can call the Dorothy Day Center, 651-647-2350 or go to 183 Old 6th Street in St. Paul.

Youth (14 to 24 years old) who are experiencing homelessness and are seeking resources for shelter can call Safe Zone, 651-224-9644 or go to the Safe Zone Drop In Center at 130 East 7th Street in downtown Saint Paul, located in the Metro Square building.

Project-Based Voucher Opportunities

The PHA has assigned some Housing Choice Vouchers to specific apartments in housing programs that provide supportive services to families, single adults or youth who are experiencing homelessness. The vouchers are called “Project-Based Vouchers”. Each program keeps its own waiting list and when there is a vacancy, they refer the next person or family to the PHA to verify the applicant’s eligibility for Section 8. 

Up to 544 units of existing 4,550 units of tenant-based assistance. This program attaches the rent subsidy to a specific development or certain apartments in a development that has been recently rehabilitated or newly constructed. If the tenant moves (with or without a voucher), the unit continues to be subsidized. The goals of the program include contributing to the upgrading and long-term viability of the city's housing stock; increase the supply of affordable housing; integrate housing and supportive services; and promote the coordination and leveraging of resources.

  • The PHA Board has approved 24 PBV projects that are active, with a total of 467 PBA units.
  • The PHA Board approved 3 other PBV projects with 47 units that did not go forward: HUD denied 2 projects (Breaking Free and Jendayi Place) and 1 project was cancelled (Edgerton Lofts).
  • HUD has approved 22 of the 24 projects, total 449 units; 2 projects with 18 units are pending (PPL West 7th and Renaissance Box).
  • 21 projects with 401 PBV units are currently under contract.
  • Supportive Housing: 15 projects with 201 units are under contract; 1 project with 48 units (Lexington Commons) has HUD approval and is in development; 2 projects with 18 units (PPL West 7th and Renaissance Box) are pending.
  • Click here to view the PBV Propery List.

Mainstream Voucher Program

The PHA has been awarded a special allocation of housing choice vouchers to assist non-elderly adults with disabilities who are:

  • in institutional and segregated settings and want to move to community settings, or
  • are at risk of becoming institutionalized, or
  • are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, or
  • previously experienced homelessness and currently a client in permanent supportive housing

Our waiting list will be open indefinitely for these vouchers and the PHA has partnered with several community organizations to provide referrals.  If you are interested in applying for these vouchers, please contact one of our partner agencies listed below:

  • Guild Incorporated
  • The Arc Minnesota
  • Phoenix Service Corporation
  • Breaking Free
  • JustUs Health
  • Ain Dah Yung Center
  • Experience Neshama
  • Ethel Gordon Community Care Center
  • Minnesota One Stop for Communities
  • Emma Norton
  • Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans

Please note that there are a very limited number of Mainstream vouchers available and our partners may have already fully referred their allocation.

If you are unable to work with any of our referring partners listed above, please contact Anne Sinner at 651-298-5265 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on how to apply to our waiting list.