The Housing Choice Voucher Program has a unique feature, known as portability, which allows participants to “port” or move to another jurisdiction served by a different housing authority. The initial housing authority (IHA) submits paperwork on behalf of the participant to the receiving housing authority (RHA) in order to start the portability process. 

The map below shows the jurisdiction of the St. Paul PHA.



How Do I Port to St. Paul?

In order to begin the portability process to St. Paul, participants must first work with their current housing authority (also known as the initial housing authority, or IHA). The portability decision is up to the IHA; while they may require some information about the St. Paul PHA, it is up to the IHA whether or not to allow a participant to port to St. Paul.

Your initial housing authority (IHA) must send us the following documents:

  • HUD-52665
  • HUD-50058 (new admissions excluded)
  • EIV report (new admissions excluded)
  • Copy of the voucher
  • Contact information for the head of household

    *All other documents, such as Social Security cards, proof of income, proof of assets, etc. is not always sent and is the tenant’s responsibility to provide to St. Paul in order to begin assistance within our jurisdiction.

Once your portability paperwork is received, you will be scheduled with a mandatory briefing appointment to learn about the rules of the program and to determine the participant’s eligibility. All adults in the household must attend this appointment.

Once a Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) is received, the unit will be submitted for an inspection. It can take between 2-3 weeks for the inspection to be scheduled. The St. Paul PHA makes the final determination of contract rents with all port ins.

Once the unit passes inspection and the participant is determined to be eligibile for assistance within St. Paul, the landlord will receive paperwork to complete and return to the St. Paul PHA in order to receive payment. The participant will also receive notification of their rent portion at this time.

Portability Contact Information

  • Phone: (651) 298-5090
  • Fax: (651) 292-6411
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.