PHAS Score

The Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) measures the performance of the housing agencies (PHAs) that administer the Public Housing program. HUD says “PHAS helps the delivery of services in public housing and enhances trust in the public housing system among public housing agencies (PHAs), public housing residents, HUD and the general public.” 

The Saint Paul PHA has consistently earned HUD’s “High Performer” rating under PHAS and its predecessor, the Public Housing Management Assessment Program (PHMAP), for a total of 24 consecutive years (as of 2014).  Click here to view a chart tracking the PHA's scores since 2001.

For more information about PHAS, click here.

PHAS Inspections

The Saint Paul PHA takes pride in the condition of its properties, and we work hard to ensure that the PHAS Physical Inspection score (PASS) will fairly reflect that.

  • Sample manual - a few weeks before the inspections begin, the PHA holds training sessions for all staff who will accompany the contract inspector. We use our own training manual, updating it from year to year.
  • Sample notice - if the inspections are scheduled several weeks in advance, the PHA sends a general notice to all residents 2-4 weeks before the inspections. The notice asks residents to help prepare for the inspections by calling in maintenance work orders, eliminating any hazardous conditions, etc.
  • Sample notice - the PHA sends another notice to residents of each development 7-10 days before the inspection, notifying them of the inspection date and explaining again) the purpose of the inspection. The resident also receives another copy of the notice asking them to prepare for the inspection.
  • Sample certification #1 or Sample certification #2- if the inspector cites defective equipment which is the resident's property (like a resident-owned fire extinguisher), the PHA Housing Manager asks the resident to sign one of the following certifications.
  • Sample letter to REAC requesting a database adjustment; modernization work in progress - after the initial inspection scores are posted, the PHA asks REAC to correct the scores by "database adjustments" whenever the cited condition is permitted by local codes. REAC has generally approved these requests.