Hot off the press!  We are pleased to share the PHA Issue Brief on what it costs to sustain deeply affordable housing in the PHA's Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program. Click here to read the Issue Brief.

Click here to view the PHA's latest Management Report, which includes the following:

  • Low Income Housing Owned or Administered by PHA
  • Occupancy Summary - Current Month
  • Occupancy Summary - By AMP
  • Occupancy - Year to Date
  • Families and Individuals Housed
  • Vacancy Days
  • Vacant Unit Turnaround Time
  • Waiting Lists - Public Housing and Section 8
  • Uncollected Rents and Tenant Accounts Receivable
  • Applications for Continued Occupancy
  • Lease Terminations for Cause
  • Unit Inspections: Preventive Maintenance and Housekeeping
  • Maintenance Work Orders and Resident Satisfaction
  • Unit Preparation and Turnaround Time
  • Scattered Site Vacant Unit Turnaround
  • Section 8 Utilization and Shopping Success Rates
  • Section 8 Utilization History
  • CHSP - Congregate Housing Services Program

Click here to view the FY 2023 Year End Management Report.