Click here to view the PHA's latest Management Report, which includes the following:

  • Low Income Housing Owned or Administered by PHA
  • Occupancy Summary - Current Month
  • Occupancy Summary - By AMP
  • Occupancy - Year to Date
  • Families and Individuals Housed
  • Vacancy Days
  • Vacant Unit Turnaround Time
  • Waiting Lists - Public Housing and Section 8
  • Uncollected Rents and Tenant Accounts Receivable
  • Applications for Continued Occupancy
  • Lease Terminations for Cause
  • Unit Inspections: Preventive Maintenance and Housekeeping
  • Maintenance Work Orders and Resident Satisfaction
  • Unit Preparation and Turnaround Time
  • Scattered Site Vacant Unit Turnaround
  • Section 8 Utilization and Shopping Success Rates
  • Section 8 Utilization History
  • CHSP - Congregate Housing Services Program

  Click here to view the Management Report from our fiscal year end.